EDS Subject Research A-to-Z

Leveraging the EDS Knowledge Base:

More than just a simple journal listing service, EBSCO A-to-Z is a powerful locator tool that helps researchers to discover all of the electronic resources offered at the library.

The technology behind EBSCO A-to-Z leverages the power of the EDS Knowledge Base (the knowledge of a library’s complete holdings) to help users to quickly and easily discover e-journals and browse publications that are available directly through their library. It’s also the technology that tells LinkSource where to find the full text for an index record within EDS.

How EBSCO A-to-Z helps researchers:

  • Lists the library’s resources and holding information—from all major database vendors and publishers—through a single menu at the top of the discovery page (or via an exportable widget), including:
    • E-journals
    • Publications in full-text databases
    • Publisher packages
    • eBooks
    • Print & other local resources
  • Serves as the technology behind the local collections limiter in EDS, helping researchers to quickly discover materials available through their library

Benefits of EBSCO A-to-Z within the library:

  • With A-to-Z, libraries can:
    • Gain real-time updates of titles
    • Maximize exposure & use of e-resources
    • Utilize integrated e-journal & TOC browsing
    • Access advanced usage statistics/tracking
  • A broad array of customization options to allow libraries to:
    • Brand the user interface
    • Add notes conveying access information, etc.
    • Integrate search boxes
    • Include subject-specific open access packages
  • Customers may opt to include MARC Updates:
    • A single comprehensive source of MARC cataloging
    • Allows for easy inclusion of e-content into the library catalog

Discover the power of periodical browsing with EBSCO A-to-Z